Do You Have a Heart For Helping Others?
Have You Always Dreamed of Leading Classes?

Do You Love Resistance Stretching and Yoga?

If so become a RiversZen StretchYo Certified Instructor!

Training Classes and Internship Starts Sunday, November 13th in Ilwaco Washington. (All class times noon to 4pm)

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This is a 4 month program including training sessions, hands on instruction, materials and a FULL internship. You will learn the theory behind StretchYo. You will learn the theory behind and the actual Resistance Flexibility Stretching Exercises, Strong Posture Exercises and how to combine these into a Yoga Style Class that will help your students to Move Better, Stay Healthy and Be Happy!

In a short period of time you can be leading the RiversZen Community Classes and by the end of the 4 months be ready to lead your very own classes at RiversZen Astoria or RiversZen Ilwaco.

The first session will start Sunday, November 13th and cover StretchYo theory and the basic stretches/exercises that are at the core of StretchYo. (See Training Outline Below)

As this is our very first training we'll be offering a ridiculously low price for this certification . . . $495.00.  You can compare this to programs costing $3,000 and more!

So, if you are interested in becoming a RiversZen Certified Instructor you can Click This Link to Reserve Your Space Now ... or  for more information give Peggy a call at 503-440-3554 or shoot us an email - We'd love to discuss the opportunity and details with you.

We look forward to helping you achieve your dreams.
Dave and Peggy Stevens

As this is our first session we're sure there will be changes ... but AT THE VERY MINIMUM you will complete all of this training ... and a FULL Internship ... PLUS be leading your very own classes early next year! 

Session 1
Sunday, November 13th

StretchYo Core Fundementals Part 1

Introduction to RiversZen Philosophy


Posture Goals, Assessment and Basic Exercises

Resistance Stretching Theory and the 1st 4 self-resistance stretches

Session 2 
Sunday, November 20th

StretchYo Core Fundementals Part 2

Adding To The Tool Box - Posture Exercises and  self-resistance stretches

Additional self-resistance stretches

Intermediate Strong Posture Exercises

On The Ball!

Session 3 
Sunday, December 11th

Creating and Leading a StretchYo Class Part 1

Review of Posture and Self-resistance stretches

Intermediate Self Resistance Stretches

Intermediate Strong Posture Exercises

Sequencing for Powerful Results

Session 4 
Sunday, January 15th

Creating and Leading a StretchYo Class Part 2

Review of Posture and prior resistance stretches

Advanced Self-Resistance Stretches

Advanced Strong Posture Exercises

Handling Tough Students and Questions

Session 5 
Sunday, February 12th

Putting It All Together

Review of all Resistance Stretches and Strong Posture Exercises

Final Questions and Answers

Final Exam

Your Certification Includes ALL Materials, Training Manuals and FULL Access to our Trainers Private Facebook Coaching Group.

4 Good Reasons to Sign Up Today:

Unprecedented Pricing

This is the very first Certification offered by RiversZen. $495 for a full 4 month training (including internship!) has never been and will never be offered at this price again!

Expert Training

Training and Internship led by Creators of StretchYo, Ki-Hara Master Trainers and owners of RiversZen Studios in Astoria, Oregon and Ilwaco, Washington. 

This Flat Out Works

Chances are you already know the power of combining Yoga, Resistance Stretching and Strong Posture Exercises! Now you can share with others and help them Move Well.

FULL Internship

Under the watchful eyes of RiversZen Instructors you could be leading classes starting as early as December.  Full support from the RiversZen Instructors.

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